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Purpose of the project

To provide the space for the collection of information about Celtic groups and interesting places across Europe. All data are put on the map which is made in French, German, English and Czech language version in order to make orientation easier.
We will gradually put facts of places (groups, open-air museums, museums etc.) known to us. We are also planning to approach other Celtic groups to request their contact. We kindly ask visitors these pages to provide more data.
The main goal is to make a map of the Celtic points, but it’s possible that it will be extended in the future according to your interest.

About the creator

Hi everyone,
My name is František Plecitý and I work as a programmer, I’m also Netamwir the member of the Celtic group Vousův kmen, Jivjany, Czech Republic.
I took the liberty to prepare these pages for all friends of the Celtic history and I hope it will be useful.
I carry out the translation of the texts myself with the assistance of my friends, so I please excuse any faults with my English.




This is a non-profit web page (place the banners or selling the information), and it’s made just to provide a space to the spread the news about the Celtic places.